Sabotage Studio


Release Date
August 30, 2018
Available languages
Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, American English
Single player
Regular Price
USD $19.99, EUR €16.79, CAD $26.99, GBP £15.99


First born from the mind of an 8 year old kid from the 90s who never got over Ninjas, The Messenger is a celebration of good old retro-platforming. Created by a core team of 8 people gathered around the idea of capturing what made the classics great, Sabotage spent its first two years of operations developing its own ‘definitive edition’ of this beloved genre. Leveraging expectations as a main ingredient, the vision for The Messenger was to create an experience that would deceive with its simplicity at first sight, later taking players on an epic journey of time travel supported by 8bit to 16bit real-time transitions, while also delving into philosophy and storytelling on a scale unexpected from the premise.


  • Dynamic, acrobatic gameplay and ultra tight controls worthy of an epic ninja adventure.
  • Character upgrades, new abilities, hidden levels, and branching paths to discover.
  • Meticulously designed 8-bit and 16-bit sprites, animations, and backgrounds in the spirit of the classics.
  • A memorable cast of offbeat villains, bosses, and associates.
  • Original soundtrack by renowned chiptune composer Rainbowdragoneyes, handmade using Famitracker.



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Awards & Recognition

  • Winner of the Game Award for Best Debut Indie Game of 2018

    Los Angeles,

  • Winner of the E3 2018 Dualshockers Best Indie Game Award

    Los Angeles,

  • Winner of the E3 2018 CG Magazine Best of Show Award

    Los Angeles,

  • Winner of the E3 2018 PS Nation Best of Show Award

    Los Angeles,

  • Winner of the E3 2018 Shacknews Best Breakthrough Indie Award

    Los Angeles

  • Winner of the GDC Best of The MIX 2018 Award

    Los Angeles,

  • Grand Prize Winner of the Ubisoft Indie Series 2018 Award


  • Winner of the Montreal Independent Games Festival Gameplay Design Award


  • Winner of the Montreal Independent Games Festival Music composition Award


  • Winner of the NUMIX Award for most promising Startup in the Indie Games category




Downloadable Content


The Messenger - Picnic Panic

The Messenger's epic story continues on in a summer vacation DLC full of tropical action! On Voodkin Island, the demon Barma’thazël captured helpless little creatures to use them in his dark rituals…


  • Thierry Boulanger

    Co-Founder / Creative Director

  • Philip Barclay

    Executive Producer / Partner

  • Philippe Dionne

    Level Designer

  • Sylvain Cloutier

    Gameplay Programmer

  • Frédérik Rodrigue

    Gameplay Programmer

  • Jeakim Hamel

    Technical Artist

  • Pier-Luc Girard

    Gameplay Programmer

  • Michaël Lavoie

    Level Artist

  • Jean-Luc Savard

    Character Artist

  • Savannah Perron

    Character Artist

  • Eric W. Brown

    Composer & Audio Designer

  • Carl Dubreuil

    Quality Assurance