Sabotage Studio

Studio Fact Sheet

Québec City, Québec, Canada
April 2016
Team size


Early history

After spending a year working evenings and weekends to prototype The Messenger, Sabotage was founded in April 2016. Over the next two years, the team went from three to ten people, all gathering around the idea of creating modern games that encapsulate what made retro titles so compelling. The Messenger was released in August 2018, published by Devolver Digital, and was critically acclaimed, earning many accolades and awards, including a prestigious Game Award for Best Debut Indie Title.


The Sabotage team is now complete, counting 23 cherry-picked members, fully dedicated to creating their own definitive editions of the genres they loved as kids. Just like The Messenger is the Sabotage take on the action platformer, the team is now working on Sea of Stars, a turn-based RPG set in the same universe. Our team is composed of self-driven artisans who seek to be unleashed rather than controlled. Even though the vision for each game is clearly defined, everyone is given the tools and encouragement to express themselves in bringing everything they want both to the company’s culture and to our games.

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  • Thierry Boulanger

    Co-Founder / Creative Director

  • Philip Barclay

    Executive Producer / Partner

  • Philippe Dionne

    Level Designer

  • Sylvain Cloutier

    Gameplay Programmer

  • Frédérik Rodrigue

    Gameplay Programmer

  • Jeakim Hamel

    Technical Artist

  • Pier-Luc Girard

    Gameplay Programmer

  • Michaël Lavoie

    Level Artist

  • Jean-Luc Savard

    Lead Animator & Character Artist

  • Savannah Perron

    Animator & Character Artist

  • Eric W. Brown

    Composer & Audio Designer

  • Carl Dubreuil


  • Edouard Diamant-Robert

    Animator & Character Artist

  • Thommy Snow

    Animator & Character Artist

  • Bruno Moraes

    Animator & Character Artist

  • Martin Paré

    Animator & Character Artist

  • Jean-Bernard Filion

    UX & Graphic Designer

  • Axel Béliveau

    Level Artist

  • Bryce Kho

    Senior Concept Artist

  • Greg Laszlo

    Animator & Character Artist

  • Anne-Marie Brassard

    Administrative Coordination

  • Mathieu Dionne

    Content & Community Manager

  • Jean-Philippe Bourgoin