Sabotage Studio

We are hiring

We hire for the long term and are looking for both a cultural and a professional fit. All members are cherry picked as self-driven artisans, and are responsible for their own throughput. Our minimalistic approach to management is meant to unleash rather than control, which is only possible with team members who find genuine purpose in their craft.


There it is, our first job posting! 

In our games, we always prioritize quality over quantity, something that extends to our vision for hires. The two are not always mutually exclusive, of course, and thanks to the response Sea of Stars has received so far, we now have the means of our ambitions. 

For the game to be as good as we can envision one, we need someone who can lead our small team of highly motivated animators eager to reach their full potential. We are currently working remote, but the plan is to progressively return to our downtown Quebec City studio when things settle down.

Sea of Stars is made with Unity, and the main animation tool we use is Pyxel Edit. Hand-drawn pixel art is where it is (and will always be) at for Sabotage. Character animations range from 4 to 8 angles with variations depending on context. With two years and a big roster of friends and foes to bring to life, we need someone who can not only execute, but also plan.


As the Lead Animator, you will manage a team of 4 animators, ranging from Intermediate to Senior, working on our next game: Sea of Stars.

Main tasks: 

  • Manage, evaluate and mentor a team of animators with varying levels of experience, but all capable of delivering what has been shown of the game so far.
  • Produce 2D Pixel-art animation frames (characters + VFX). 
  • Iterate with the team to ensure consistency across all animation assets
  • Optimize animation pipelines for productivity and quality
  • Evaluate and distribute workload 
  • Establish workflows, recurring meetings, reviews, etc
  • Provide risk assessment and time estimates on different animation-related tasks
  • Work closely with the Creative Director to ensure the animation team’s output is aligned with the vision for the game


  • 3-7 years experience managing 2D animation teams (pixel-art a major plus)
  • Demonstrable understanding of 2D gameplay and VFX animation 
  • Understanding of and interest towards process optimization and technical workflows
  • Ability to work well in a team that is focused on making the best game they can, and care little for ego. Good communication skills are a must.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in French  or English
  • Ability and willingness to work 100% remotely
  • Experience with 3D modeling is a plus.
  • Experience with game engines is a must. Unity is a plus.


Full flexibility on schedule and work location. Some team members only work during the afternoon, others at night, others early in the morning. Our only metric is the results, and we really mean it. 

Having been in the local industry for over a decade, we can say our conditions are very competitive. Salaries, social, insurances, hardware, we can discuss it all in the first meeting.